How to Make Reports Visible in Totara

Prior to making reports visible in Totara, please confirm the following items:

  • The IntelliBoard Admin (main subscriber) must be logged on to IntelliBoard; SubAccounts/IB users cannot manage the reports that are visible inside Totara.
  • The IntelliBoard Admin (main subscriber) must previously have accepted the terms, conditions, and privacy statements from
  • The IntelliBoard Admin's (main subscriber's) email must be saved inside IntelliBoard's local plugin settings inside the LMS: Site Adminstration > Plugins > Local Plugins > IntelliBoard > Settings
  • The connection between IntelliBoard and the Totara system must be successful.

Making Reports  Visible in Totara

Reports are made visible in Totara through an API key.  

Reports may be made available to the Admin Dashboard, Instructor Dashboard, Learner Dashboard and/or the Competency Dashboard.  Please note not all reports are available for the Instructor Dashboard, Learner Dashboard, and the Competency Dashboard.  

Reports can be made visible in Totara two ways:

1) From Settings

2) From a Specific Monitor Set

1) From Settings (Settings > Reports in LMS)


STEP 1: From Settings, click Reports in LMS 

STEP 2: Review the Connection (i.e. in this image we are working with the Demo Site LMS), edit if needed

STEP 3: Use the toggle bar to enable (blue) or disable (grey) the particular Monitor Sets for he Admin Dashboard and the Instructor Dashboard.

NOTE: If you choose to make Monitor Sets visible in the Instructor Dashboard, know that the data will still be site-wide data.

2) From a Specific Report (Report > Personalize Report)


STEP 1: From a Report, click "Personalize Report"

STEP 2: From the Personalize Report page, click "Visible in Totara"

STEP 3: Select which Dashboard(s) should have access to the Monitor Set.  NOTE:  If you have multiple LMS connections, all Connection(s) and Dashboard(s) will populate in the drop down menu.  Please note that not all reports are available on the Instructor or Competency Dashboards.

Available Reports:

Reports available on the Instructor Dashboard:

Reports available on the Competency Dashboard:

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