Getting IntelliBoard 5.x+ Plugin & Installation

Your data is waiting... install the IntelliBoard 5.x+ Plugin today!

Click HERE to watch a video with getting plugin and installation and configuring process. Click HERE for watching all implementation process from creating an account to connection your Totara system.

How to set up the IntelliBoard 5.0 Plugin?

Step 1: Getting to Download Page: 

  • Option 1: via email: 
    • Open the Welcome Email in your inbox
    • Click "DOWNLOAD PLUGIN" in the bottom of the email (red left button)
  • Option 2: from the Log In Form.
    • Click "5.0 plugin" under IntelliBoard 5.0 Platform

  • Option 3: from the "GITHUB".
    • Click "Here" to download IntelliBoard plugin for Totara.

Step 2:

  • From GitHub page choose "Clone or download"
  • Choose "Download ZIP"


Note: The person who installs the plugin must have Site Administration rights.

From your LMS system go Site Administration > Plugins > Install plugins

Find the IntelliBoard Plugin downloaded from GitHub. Please note the Plugin must be in a .ZIP file.

Note for Mac Users: When files download, they are typically automatically unzipped.  Please compress the IntelliBoard file before uploading it.

Click "Choose a file..."

Click "Choose File".

Choose downloaded IntelliBoard Plugin.

Save As "IntelliBoard Plugin".

Click "Upload this file".

Click "Install plugin from the ZIP file".

Click "Continue".

Click "Upgrade Totara database now".

Click "Continue".

You will be brought to Site Administration> Plugins > Local Plugins> Plugins automatically.

Enter the email of the IntelliBoard subscriber and then click "Save changes".

Note: All other settings can be changed later.

After your Plugin is installed please move to Totara Web Services Configuration. For detailed information click here. 

For additional assistance, please email or click HERE.

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