Connectivity Issue?

You're the IntelliBoard Administrator and unfortunately you're having connectivity issues... try these steps!


We know this sounds silly, are you signing on with the email/password assigned with your IntelliBoard subscription? (There are so many passwords these days!) Remember there is one main email associated with your IntelliBoard subscription.  (You may have other users who can access IntelliBoard through Sub Accounts, but there is only one email associated with the IntelliBoard subscription.)  Also please make sure you are signing on to IntelliBoard 5.x+ instead of IntelliBoard 4.8. 


From IntelliBoard site go to Settings > Servers

Check the "Status" for your Totara Instance(s).  

Click the "Totara Connection" link.

From here make sure all of the blocks are filled out with your Instance's information.

Click "Save Connection".


The IntelliBoard 5.0 plugin included a security update requiring the main subscription information to be included in the settings within your LMS system.

From your LMS go to Site Administration > Plugins > Local Plugins > Plugin

Add the email of the person who is associated with the main IntelliBoard subscription.

Click "Save changes".

For additional assistance, please email or click HERE.

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