Overdue Users (D2L LMS)

The Overdue Users report displays overdue learners by course, completion date and completion status. The report also allows a user to enter a completion date not captured intrinsically within the LMS itself.


Location: Reports > User Reports > All Users


  • Search for data in your report instantly. Confirm columns are included in the search under 'Personalize Report'.
  • Filter your data and/or dates!  Most reports include several filters (to the right of the search box) and a time filter. 
  • If the user's name is hyperlinked, clicking will return the Learner Overview Page.
  • If the course name is hyperlinked, clicking will return the Course Overview Page.
  • Personalize the columns in your report. 
  • Export your data in an XLS, CSV, or PDF.
  • Share your data via email, scheduled report, or API key.  You can also bookmark your report.
  • More questions? Use the chat box inside the report or click HERE.



  • Course:  Select the specific course to appear on the report (i.e. Selecting "Accounting" will only show user's activity in this course)
  • User Role: Select the role in D2L to appear in the report (i.e. Selecting "Instructor" will only show the users who have the Instructor role)
  • Course Due Date: Select date to appear learner's status on the report (i.e. Selecting "2018-08-20" will only show 1 of 3 statuses for the course: On Time, Over Due or Not Completed)

THIS REPORT'S DATE FILTER(S):  Time will filter by User's Enrollment Date in the LMS system (i.e. Selecting "Last Month" will only show users who have been enrolled in the course in the last month)


  • First Name
    User First Name, as entered in the LMS system
  • Last Name
    User Last Name, as entered in the LMS system
  • Course
    Course name associated with the user in the LMS system
  • Email
    User's email in LMS system
  • Enrolled On
    Date learner was enrolled in the course in LMS system
  • Graded Date
    The date when the user was graded in the associated course 
  • Score
    Learner's current grade in the course
  • Status
    Designates if the user has completed or not completed the course (this function must be enabled in your LMS system)

For additional assistance, please email Helpdesk@IntelliBoard.net.

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