Inactive Users in System (D2L LMS)

The Inactive Users in System report displays all users’ creation date inside the Moodle system well as first and last access.  There is a filter for inactivity based on days. 


Location: Reports > User Reports > All Users


  • Search for data in your report instantly. Confirm columns are included in the search under 'Personalize Report'.
  • Filter your data and/or dates!  Most reports include several filters (to the right of the search box) and a time filter. 
  • If the user's name is hyperlinked, clicking will return the Learner Overview Page.
  • If the course name is hyperlinked, clicking will return the Course Overview Page.
  • Personalize the columns in your report. 
  • Export your data in an XLS, CSV, or PDF.
  • Share your data via email, scheduled report, or API key.  You can also bookmark your report.
  • More questions? Use the chat box inside the report or click HERE.



  • Inactivity Period:  Select how many days users must be inactive (not logged on to the LMS) to appear on the report (i.e. Selecting "Inactive 1 Day" means users will not have logged on to the LMS in the past 1 day)
  • User Role: Select the role in D2L to appear in the report (i.e. Selecting "Instructor" will only show the users who have the Instructor role)

THIS REPORT'S DATE FILTER(S):  Time will filter by User's Creation Date in the LMS system (i.e. Selecting "Last Month" will only show users who have been created in the LMS system in the last month)


  • First Name
    User's First Name, as entered in the LMS system
  • Last Name
    User's Last Name, as entered in the LMS system
  • Email
    User Email, as entered in the LMS system
  • Registered
    Date when the User registered in the LMS system
  • First Access
    The date the user first accessed the LMS system while logged in
  • Last Access Date
    The date the user last accessed the LMS system while logged in
  • Last Login
    The last time the user actually logged with the user ID and password

Note the difference between Last Access Date and Last Login Since: If user used his/her credentials to login, it may be saved in the browser, so he/she doesn't have to "sign back in", because he/she hadn't been logged out. If he/she gets "timed out", and signs back in, the last login would have new date.


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