Personalize Reports - Overview - Totara LMS

Click on the Personalize Report button at the top of your report.


1) Alternative Name: Rename your report if you wish to make the name more specific for your audience.

2) Custom User Profile Fields & Custom Profile Field Filter: Choose Custom User Profile Fields to appear in your reports that have specific learner information, or remove from your report if they are already present. Just click the fields on/off as you wish. These will appear at the bottom of the page.
Selecting a Filter will add a Custom User Profile Field filter to the report.

3) Visible in LMS: Make your report visible in a specific Totara LMS.  You will be able to select which Dashboard (Admin or Instructor) the report should appear.  Note: A viable connection must be established before reports can be added to Totara.
Additionally the main subscription email must be in the LMS system under Site Administration > Plugins > Local Plugins > IntelliBoard > Settings

4) User Filter: User Filter will allow you to remove suspended users (course level) from report the report.

5) Course Filter Option: Select Single or Multiple Courses to choose how many courses you will be able to pick in course filter.

Note: Accounts with more than 5,000 total users will default to single course, but this may be changed.

6) Enable to View Column on on Main Subscriber Report: Add or Remove columns from your report by clicking them On/Off. 

7) Enable to Restrict SubAccounts/IB users Ability to Personalize Reports: Add or Remove columns from SubAccount/IB user's report by clicking them On/Off.

Once enabled, SubAccounts/IB users will only have the ability to view columns enabled below.

8) Enable to Search Column on Report: Choose a report field to make it Searchable from the Search box.

9) Enable to Freeze Column on Report: Choose a report field in order to lock them in place when scrolling.

10) Save: Save your changes.

11) Talk with Us: Connect with us with additional questions.


For additional assistance, please email or click HERE.

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