Monitors: A Summary And FAQ - D2L LMS

IntelliBoard chart sets, known as Monitors, allow you to view a sitewide graphic displaying of the LMS data.

Before you get started... 

  • The Monitor functionality may be made available to SubAccounts/IB users. Details may be found here.
  • The Monitor features list may be found here.


How to create a Monitor Set?

Navigate to Monitors > Create a Monitor Set and follow instructions listed here.

Are their limits to how many monitor sets I can set up? 

No limits! Go wild! Systematize your data!

Can my SubAccounts/IB users view my Monitor Sets?

Assign any monitors/monitor sets to your SubAccounts/IB users or whole Organizational Roles. Click here for more.

How to make my Monitor Set as a main Homepage for main subscriber and/or SubAccounts/IB users?

Click "Set as Default Home" button for main account or star button for SubAccount/IB user to make it as a main Homepage. Click here to read more about this process for Main Subscriber, and here for SubAccounts/IB users.


For additional assistance, please email or click HERE.

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