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Update your Billing Details as needed!

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Here you may find a full description about this process.


In the upper right corner of the screen press an account button and choose Billing Details.
In the window that opened, select Change Plan button (it is under the account button).
There you can choose a type of payment: Monthly or Annually (the selected one will be written in black). You need to be sure you chose right type before clicking Update.
On new screen you may see your new plan (it shows your Current Plan, but you can see you've requested the new plan).

Now it shows your invoice(s) in the bottom of this page. Invoice Status is "Pending" in this case.

There are 4 actions for invoice. The Piece of Paper means you can pay via invoice (find Paying via Invoice below). The Credit Card contains payment online (find Paying Online below). Also you may review invoice information by clicking the Information Sign and remove an invoice using the Trash Sign.



A Pay via Invoice function (piece of paper) send an invoice to your email. Invoice Status becomes into "Open".

Action set is containing also Pay Online button (сredit сard) (find Paying Online below), Print button, resending an invoice (paper airplane), invoice information and deleting payment (trash can).

In the print page you get a PDF file where you can review billing information (number 1), save it for sending via email (number 2) or print an invoice (number 3).



Clicking a Pay Online button displays you a form where you can enter your card details and check/uncheck recurring payment. Just enter your data and click Pay Now!


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