Monitors: A Summary and FAQ - Totara LMS

IntelliBoard chart sets, known as Monitors, allow you to view a sitewide graphic displaying of the LMS data.

Before you get started... 

  • The Monitor functionality begins with a Level 3 IntelliBoard subscription; please review access and number of accounts here.
  • The Monitor functionality may be made available to SubAccounts. Details may be found here.
  • The Monitor features list may be found here.


How to create a Monitor Set?

Navigate to Monitors > Create a Monitor Set and follow instructions listed here.

Are their limits to how many monitor sets I can set up? 

No limits! Go wild! Systematize your data!

How can I display a report in the Monitor Set?

IntelliBoard provides a Report Monitor that allow you to choose which report will be shown in the monitor set. Click here for more.

May I email/schedule a Monitor Set?

Schedule any monitor set from within the set. Click here for more. 

Can my SubAccounts view my Monitor Sets?

Assign any monitors/monitor sets to your SubAccounts or whole Organizational Roles. Click here for more.

How to make my Monitor Set as a main Home page for main subscriber and/or SubAccounts?

Click "Set as Default Home" button for main account or star button for SubAccount to make it as a main Home page. Click here to read more about this process for Main Subscriber, and here for SubAccounts.

How to make my Monitor Set to be visible inside the Totara?

Monitor Sets may be made available to the Admin Dashboard and/or the Instructor Dashboard. Find how to do it here.

For additional assistance, please email or click HERE.

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