Personalize Monitor Set - Overview - Totara LMS

Click on the Personalize Monitor Set button at the top of your set.


1) Name: Rename your monitor set if you wish to make the name more specific for your audience.

2) Set as Default Home: Make your monitor set as a Homepage for main subscriber by clicking a button. Click HERE for more.

3) Visible in LMS: Make your monitor set visible in a specific Totara LMS. You will be able to select which Dashboard (Admin or Instructor) the monitor set should appear.

NOTE: A viable connection must be established before reports can be added to Totara.
Additionally the main subscription email must be in the LMS system under Site Administration > Plugins > Local Plugins > IntelliBoard > Settings

4) Dashboard Preview: Place monitors in suitable places and change their size as you want.

5) Configurations (white supplement): Change monitor places and configure them by clicking 3 dots in the right side of the monitor to specify your data.

NOTE: You may choose which report will be visible in Report Monitor under it's configuration. Click HERE for more.

6) Available Monitors: Drag and drop needed monitors to the dashboard to make your monitor set more convenient for you to use.

7) Save: Save your changes.

8) Delete: Delete your monitor set if it is no longer need.

9) Talk with Us: Connect with us with additional questions.


For additional assistance, please email or click HERE.

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