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When a course name displays as a blue link in a report, clicking the report will return the Course Overview page.  The Course Overview Page creates a high level picture of the course within the LMS system.




1- Course Creation Date: Date when the course was created in Totara. 

NOTE: If you are copying a course to use as a template, the creation date will reflect the date the template was created, not the date when the course was restored.

2- Course Category: The Course Category inside the LMS system.

3-  Course Completion Status: If Course Completion is enabled inside the LMS system, it will show here.  Course Completion is enabled and set inside the LMS system.

4 - Course Data: # of Users with a [Student] Role inside the course (the [Student] Roles may be set inside IntelliBoard at Settings > Servers); Completed shows how many students have completed the specific course related to Course Completion settings, # of Learners with Grades shows how many learners inside the course have grades; Instructors is the number of people with [Teacher] Roles.



1- Time Spent Heat Map: The heat map displays the weeks/days per month with the learner's visits (mouse clicks) within the course.

2- Hour Break Down: This row shows the amount of time in hours the learner has spent on the total course, within courses level, and within course activities.



  • Modules (or Activities) shows the total number of Modules (or Activities) in the LMS course.
  • The Format displays how the course is formatted (in this example, the course uses the Topics method).
  • The Sections shows how many sections are in the LMS course (in this example, the course has 5 sections).


Course Instructors shows those who have a [Teacher Role] in the course.



1- Learners Who Have Completed This Course: Number of Learners who have completed the course based of Course Completion settings

2- Average Grade for All Learners: Learner's total average grade from the gradebook in his specific LMS course.

3- Total Time on Site: The users' total amount of time in the course, reflected in HH:MM:SS (hours:minutes: seconds)

4- Total Visits on Site: The users' total mouse clicks in the course 

5- Number of Modules/Activities: Displays the number of modules/activities per type


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