Monitors and Reports not available for SubAccounts/IB users - Moodle LMS

The following monitors and reports won't be viewable on SubAccounts/IB users. Main Subscribers should not assign them to their SubAccount/IB user(s). 

Monitors > General Monitors

  • Active Courses
  • Moodle Mobile Logins vs Web Logins
  • Total User Visits (Clicks)
  • Unique Sessions

Monitors > Totara Monitors

  • TOTARA: Cumulative Registrations
  • TOTARA: Engagement
  • TOTARA: Unique Logins per Month

Monitors > Big Blue Button Monitors

  • BBB: Browser Statistics
  • BBB: Device Usage
  • BBB: Group Engagement
  • BBB: Organized Sessions by Course
  • BBB: Returning vs. First Time Participants
  • BBB: Session Engagement
  • BBB: Session Participants
  • BBB: User Summary

 Course Reports > Course Grades


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