Permit: How to SSO from an LMS into a SubAccount

IntelliBoard's Permit feature allows you, the IntelliBoard Admin (main subscriber), to give certain people credentialed access to where they will have permission to review certain data sets within certain reports.

If you have several connections within your IntelliBoard subscription and want to allow the SSO link from certain LMS systems to link with only a SubAccount (instead of the main subscripton), follow the steps below.

Before you get started... 

  • Permit functionality begins with a Level 4 IntelliBoard subscription; please review access and number of accounts here.
  • Permit, managed by the IntelliBoard Admin, consists of two components: 1) Organizational Role (Template of Reports) and 2) SubAccount (Credentialed Access and Data Set Permissions). Organizational Roles and SubAccounts must be set before you can

How can I set up the SSO from a LMS into a SubAccount instead of the Main Subscription?

Use Case:  You have several LMS sites connected to your Main IntelliBoard Subscription.  For each LMS site, you have a SubAccount who needs access just to his/her specific LMS.  Instead of the SSO link going to the main subscription, you want the SSO to map just to his/her account. 

STEP ONE:  Create Connections and SubAccounts 

Additional information on Connections here.

Additional information on SubAccounts here.

STEP TWO:  Ensure SubAccount Access to LMS 

Ensure the SubAccount has access to the proper LMS in the SubAccount Settings.

  • IntelliBoard > Permit > SubAccounts
  • Select the SubAccount to Edit; click the "Edit Sproket"
  • Open Assigned Connections and review
  • Adjust if necessary, save.


STEP THREE:  Update Email in the LMS IntelliBoard Settings 

  • Go to Site Admin > Plugins > Local Plugins > IntelliBoard > IntelliBoard Settings.
  • Update the Subscription Email from the Main Subscriber to SubAccounts Email.
  • Ensure SSO is also enabled. 
  • Click Save.


Users with the Site Admin Role in that particular LMS will be able to SSO into the SubAccount instead of the Main Subscription.

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