Active Requests

Active Requests is a a function to display a list of requests to IntelliBoard in the order they are pressed.

Note: Active Requests are available starting from 2019051003 IntelliBoard version. 




Settings + Options > Servers > [Connection] > Advanced Settings 

Step 1:

Go to Settings + Options.

Step 2:

Click Servers.

Step 3:

Go to your Connection from Servers page.

Step 4:

Enable Allow to Manually Stop Requests.

Step 5:

Save the connection.



1. Totara Instance

When IntelliBoard is loading a page, it displays "Loading data, please wait...".

Note: Please do not click additional links as this creates additional queries to your LMS system. IntelliBoard processes all queries in real time; as such, too many queries may be rejected by the LMS server.

2. Active Requests 

Click on this button to displays a list of requests that have been made to IntelliBoard.

3. Request Name

The name of the active request, as it has in the source code.

4. Performance Time

The amount of time required to complete the request

5. Stop Request

Click on this button to stop the execution of current queries to the system. 


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