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Here what you should know about Canvas. Before you get started:

Canvas Data is a flatfile download of historical data within the Canvas databases; how often it is updated is determined by the client-Canvas agreement. In addition, per Canvas protocol, Canvas Data must be queried at least once every two weeks to remain connected. 

In order for the processing of reports and analytics to visualize at an acceptable speed, IntelliBoard integrates with Canvas Data and duplicates selected data points to IntelliBoard servers under Client account authentication. No other clients can access that data set, and each data set is located in a specific location assigned to that specific client, similar to how Canvas and other entities segregate server data with the highest security possible. No direct access to data exists, other than through the IntelliBoard application itself.

Recently, IntelliBoard introduced filters for Canvas for the purpose of limiting the size of the data copied to IntelliBoard storage. If clients choose to view data for 1 year only, then the dataset is copied for that year only. 

IntelliBoard uses API access and processes Canvas Data, authenticated by Canvas. Only Canvas Partners have access to the Canvas API and Canvas Data processing. IntelliBoard is a Canvas partner.

IntelliBoard is certified by Privacy Shield, (https://www.privacyshield.gov/program-overview), which monitors our actions to GDPR standards. IntelliBoard was approved in December, 2018, and will undergo the required annual review henceforth.



How often is my data updated in IntelliBoard?

The data IntelliBoard displays from Canvas is populated by two connections:  API and Canvas Data. The predominate connection utilizes cached data from Canvas Data to allow for faster processing
speeds. This cached data is automatically refreshed every 24 hours by IntelliBoard.
Canvas Data is updated by the Canvas system regulated by your Canvas-client agreement, and can be 24 hours +/-.  The API data is live; you'll see this in IntelliBoard as "Load Data," typically,
"time spent" and "visits."


For additional assistance, please email helpdesk@IntelliBoard.net

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