The Admin Dashboard turns on automatically after successfully creating a connection between your LMS and IntelliBoard. The Administrator will be able to review the site-wide data.

This article provides directions for: 

  • Confirming your Subscription
  • Navigating to your Admin Dashboard

Confirming your Subscription

From the ADMINISTRATION block in your LMS system, click through the following: Site Administration > Plugins > Local plugins > Plugin > Settings

Subscription: Ensure the email that is associated with the IntelliBoard.Net subscription is correctly entered.  Click "Save changes" in your LMS system.

The Admin Dashboard is available for all clients without extra payment. It is a part of the 15-day Free Trial, too.

If you would like to register for IntelliBoard, please click HERE.  If you would like to visit the demo site for the Admin Dashboard, please click HERE, select the Admin box and click to log in.


Navigating to your Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard in your LMS system can be found under Site Administration > IntelliBoard > Dashboard

HERE you can find descriptions for the blocks.


 For additional assistance, please email

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