How to change your date format in Moodle and IntelliBoard

Now you have chance to change your date format not only inside your Intelliboard but also inside of your LMS! mceclip3.png

Changing time format will allow you to customize your LMS for your best use.

How to change your time format in your LMS:


Site Administration > Plugins > Local Plugins > Intelliboard > Advanced Settings


Date formats available for LMS customization: 

Y-m-d: Year-month-date format (2019-09-24). This time format is common for Asia.

d/m/Y: Date-month-Year format (24/09/2019). This time format is common for Europe.

m/d/Y: Month-date-Year format (09/24/2019).This time format is unique to the United States, also can be used in Canada.

: Changing date format will change format ONLY in your Moodle and Dashboards. If you would like to change date format for your reports, monitors etc you will need to do it in your Intelliboard. 

To change your date format for reports and monitors please go to your Intelliboard > Account Setting > Date Format: 



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