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IntelliBoard's Permit feature allows you, the IntelliBoard Admin (main subscriber), to give certain people credentialed access to where they will have permission to review certain data sets within certain reports. 

An automated, step-by-step guide can be found inside Click "Self Help" (orange button) from your Homepage and then click "Creating SubAccounts/IB users [SETTINGS]". 

Before you get started... 

  • Permit functionality begins with a Level 4 IntelliBoard subscription; please review access and number of accounts here. 
  • Permit, managed by the IntelliBoard Admin, consists of two components: 1) Organizational Role (Template of Reports) and 2) SubAccount/IB user(Credentialed Access and Data Set Permissions).  
  • You must create an Organizational Role BEFORE creating a People. 
  • Details on Organizational Roles (Part 1 of Permit) may be found here.
  • Details on SubAccounts/IB users (Part 2 of Permit) may be found here.

How to set up defaults for SubAccounts/IB users?


Location: Settings + Options > SubAccount/IB user Defaults

1. Language

Select the language in which IntelliBoard will be displayed for your SubAccounts/IB users.

2. Time Zone

Choose the time zone your institution/company/etc. is located.

3. Date Format

Select the best date format for you.

4. Default number of results per page

Choose how many records will be automatically displayed in reports for your SubAccounts/IB users.

5. Save

Save your settings.

NOTE: All these settings may be manually changed by the SubAccount/IB users. You set the general default settings.


For additional assistance, please email or click HERE

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