Collaborate Attendance Overview Analytics

Blackboard Collaborate details are strictly from Blackboard Collaborate. We are not applying our time tracking or making any changes.

Collaborate sessions must be completed through the Moodle Collaborate plugin and must be completed after the connection between IntelliBoard and the Collaborate plugin is established as we cannot report on historical sessions.

The Collaborate Attendance Overview Analytics report displays the session participation with the amount of time users spent and their grades.


Location: Reports > Activity Reports > Blackboard Collaborate


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  • Cohort: Select cohort in Moodle to appear on the report (i.e. Selecting "Cohort A" will only show the users who are in cohort A)
  • Course:  Select the specific course to appear on the report (i.e. Selecting "Accounting" will only show sessions in this course)

THIS REPORT'S DATE FILTER(S):  Time will filter by Session Start Date in the LMS system (i.e. Selecting "Last Month" will only show sessions that were held in the last month).



  • Session Time graph
  • Data Table


The first graph displays the the Session Time that was spent by participants. Blue bars shows the amount of time spent minutes. If you hover over the bar, the exact number of minutes will pop-up.



Course: Course name as entered in LMS system

Collaborate Session Name: The session name as entered in LMS system

Collaborate Session Start Time: Date and time when the session was started

Collaborate Session End Time: Date and time when the session was ended

Participant: User's First and Last Names, as entered in the LMS system

Cohorts: The cohort name(s) user enrolled in

Organizational Role: The organizational role that was assigned to the participant

Participant Join Time: Date and time when participant joined to the session

Participant Leave Time: Date and time when participant leaved to the session

Time Spent: The amount of time the participant has spent in the associated session

Number of Rejoins: The number of times the participant has rejoined the session

Grade Received: The participant's grade in the associated session

Collaborate Session Details: Clicking the "Details" link will bring you to the Collaborate Session Details report already filtered by the associated session


Find the blue chat box inside the report or at our website or click HERE for more. 

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