FOR INTELLIBOARD ADMIN: Monitors available for Instructor Dashboard

Only folowing monitors can be made viewable on the Instructor Dashboard. Main Subscriber(s) may assign them to their Instructor(s) in a Monitor Set.

NOTE: If Main Subscriber assign a monitor that's not in the list below, this won't be visible on the Instructor Dashboard.

Monitors > General Monitors

  • Aggregate Site Visits by Day and Hour
  • Browser Statistics
  • Course Enrollment Types
  • Enrollments per Course
  • HTTP Requests
  • Language Utilization
  • Most Visited Courses
  • New Course(s) per Date Range
  • New Registrants
  • Operating Systems
  • Student Grade Progression
  • Today's Activities
  • User Creation (System Level) Types
  • User Enrollment, Session and Completion Activity Levels
  • User Sessions per Week
  • Users Map (Based on User Country in Profile)
  • Course Information
  • Learner Information
  • LMS Totals
  • System Information

Monitors > Totara Monitors

  • TOTARA: Cumulative Registrations
  • TOTARA: Engagement
  • TOTARA: Unique Logins per Month


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