IntelliCart Features - Overview

From the Navigation Block in your LMS system, click IntelliCart.


1. Dashboard

Track sales statistics of your products in special charts and tables. Click HERE for more.

2. Categories 

Organize IC products for all Moodle site participants. Click HERE for more.

3. Products

Combine courses into one unit of sale. Click HERE for more.

4. Coupons 

Create temporary discounts for your customers. Click HERE for more.

5. Discounts

Create permanent discounts for your customers. Click HERE for more.

6. Gift Cards

Create special certificates that provide discounts for product purchasing. Click HERE for more.

7. Payment Types

More soon!

8. Waitlist

Manage the list of users who're waiting for an ability to buy product seat(s). Click HERE for more.

9. Sales

More soon!

10. Vendors

Combine selected users into one group. Click HERE for more.

11. Reports

Visualize and analyze more information about customers, sales, products and all the elements that you can create and manage with IntelliCart plugin. Click HERE for more.

12. Settings

Set up the IntelliCart with a huge amount of possible settings to face your needs. Click HERE for more.

13. IntelliBoard reports

More soon!

14. IntelliBoard monitors

More soon!


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