Sessions - Overview

Sessions can be created to schedule live meetings, webinars, etc. Sessions can be created out of courses and inside them (read more about creating sessions inside courses HERE). Find instructions for creating sessions and setting them up below.

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Step 1: Create an IntelliCart Session

  • Choose IntelliCart and click on Products tab. 
  • For the needed product click on Sessions action.


Step 2: Write Your Session

1) Name

Name your session as you wish to make it more specific for your audience.

NOTE: If you won't add a name, session will automatically get a product's name.

2) Start Time

Select date and time when the session will be started.

NOTE: This field is required.

3) End Time

Select date and time when the session will be ended.

NOTE: This field is required.

4) Repeat session Choose whether this session is repeated or not.
5) Repeat until

Select date and time until which the session will be repeated.

NOTE: The session will be repeated weekly at the start time and day of week. System will automatically create a session record for every repeat time.

I.e., you set up a session to be started on March 4, 2020 at 10 a.m. (Wednesday), and set the "Repeat until" date to March 30, 2020 11 a.m. In this case the session will be repeated on March 4, 11, 18, 25 at 10 a.m. (every Wednesday).

6) Session Link Add a link to the session that will appear under the Start Session button after purchasing (the full root to the this button in Product Catalog > My Products > [Product] Details > Sessions > [Session Name] > Start Session).
7) Seats

Add the number of people who can attend the session. To add this setting for sessions you need to Enable SeatsEnable buying seats and Enable sessions on the product editing page.

NOTE: If you add "0", the number of participants will be unlimited.

8) Description Add the session description to make it more specific for your audience.
9) Checkout Information

Add the checkout information if needed.

NOTE: This information will appear only when the product is bought.

10) Instructors Assign instructors to the product in needed.
11) Save

Save your changes.



When you are done creating, you'll see all sessions in the next view.

1) Session Day filter Filter your sessions by the day they are held.
2) Search Search sessions by their names.
3) Manage custom fields Add additional fields for your sessions if needed. Read more about Custom Fields HERE.
4) Name Session Name as entered.
5) Start Time Session's start time as entered.
6) End Time Session's end time as entered.
7) Seats The number of seats as entered.
8) Edit Edit your discount.
9) Status Choose whether the session is visible or hidden.
10) Delete Delete your session.
11) Assign Groups

Assign groups to your product for enrolling. Search box for group selection will display only groups from courses you assigned to a product before. If you didn't assign any course to a product, you won't see any group here.

I.e., if you assign Group A to the product, users will be automatically enrolled into this when they buy a product.

NOTE: If you assign 2 or more groups, customers will be enrolled into all selected groups.



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