General Block

Please find the overview of the General settings block below.

NOTE: IntelliCart Settings can be found under IntelliCart > Settings tab, OR under Site Administration > Plugins > Local plugins > IntelliCart.


1. Enable IntelliCart

Enable this box to turn the IntelliCart on for your LMS system.

2. Currency

Choose the currency in which your customers will pay for purchases.

NOTE: This will be the main IntelliCart currency. Additional currencies could be added within multi-currency setting. Read more HERE.

3. Enable Debugging

This box is needed for developers. It allows payment systems (i.e., PayPal) to write all transactions to the log file. In addition, it will automatically send a notification to the admin about customer's problem with payment.

4. Send payment Errors to admin

By default, all payment errors and debugging notifications are sent to the superadmin user(s). Enable this box to keep it like that.

5. Send Payment Errors to Email

This setting will replace the superadmin email address which is receiving all payment errors/debugging notifications. Enable this box to send the notification to a different email address of choice.

6. Enable IntelliBoard reports

Enable this box to get IntelliBoard reports and IntelliBoard monitors tabs on the main admin's dashboard. You'll be able to make reports visible via IntelliBoard. Click HERE to get known which reports and monitors can be made visible for IntelliCart.


7. Seats Filter for IntelliBoard Reports

More soon!

8. Send checkout notification

Enable this box to add an email notification of successful purchase of a product(s). 

9. Checkout Security Policy title

Add the title for your own Checkout Security Policy. It'll be visible at the bottom of the cart page.

NOTE: You can also add any additional information for your customers by using this setting.

10. Checkout Security Policy

Add the content of your own Checkout Security Policy. It'll be visible at the bottom of the cart page by clicking on the Checkout Security Policy title.

NOTE: You can also add any additional information for your customers by using this setting.


11. Enable Multi Language

Enable this box to be able to add translations to product names, descriptions, etc., so when user changes the Moodle language, products will be displayed in the selected language.


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