Advanced Settings (Canvas LMS)

Advanced Settings allows you, the IntelliBoard Admin (main subscriber), to set up additional settings to your connection that will be applied for you and your People.

Editing Advanced Settings

Most importantly, these settings will be applied for you and all your IB People. To set them up follow the steps below:


  • From navigation menu go to Settings + Options > Servers > [Your connection]
  • From the connection page, click Advanced Settings
  • This page will show the following filters

1. Active Connection

This is the main check box that enables a connection in the IntelliBoard.

NOTE: This MUST be enabled to manipulate your data using reports, monitors, etc.

2. Debug Mode

Enable this box to turn on debugging on your IntelliBoard.

NOTE: This is useful for developers.

3. Auto-load reports

In Canvas, you have ability to load your reports Automatically or Manually.

If Auto-Load reports is enabled, your reports and monitors will be automatically loaded when any changes are done. E.g., if you change the Course in Course filter and click OK, the report will be automatically reloaded.

If Auto-Load reports is disabled, you will first need to select filters in the reports and monitors, and then manually load reports by clicking Apply.

4. Utilize API Data for Time Spent and Visits [Warning: Must Allow for API Processing Speed.]

Enable this box to turn on API time tracking (Time Spent on Enrollment) from your LMS system. If this box is not enabled, IntelliBoard will provide you Page Time Spent data.

ON (checked): Uses API calls and requires load time. Time spent column says “Load Data” until call is made. This uses Time Spent on Enrollment Data.  

OFF (unchecked): This uses stored API data and doesn’t require load time. Allows for sorting and filtering. Data is populated when report loads. This uses Page Time Spent data. Page Time Spent requires clicking and typing longer than 5 seconds.  

The difference between Time Spent on Enrollment and Page Time Spent

Both are brought in via Canvas API.

iHub stores Page Time Spent and updates it each time we process Canvas data. This allows for faster report loading time, ability to sort, filter, etc. Page Time Spent will often be much lower because it measures interaction with the page and only if it's over 5 seconds. The user must be typing or clicking for longer than 5 seconds.  

When checked on in Advance Settings, Time Spent utilizes Time Spent on Enrollment, which makes real time API calls. The negative here is the time to load, it's not at the tool or activity level, the columns can't be sorted or filtered. 

NOTE: Enabling this box will slow IntelliBoard down.


5. Disable Test Student

In Canvas, you can view a course the same way that your students view your course through Student View. Enabling this Test Student will also appear in your IntelliBoard reports and monitors. 

If you would like to disable Test Student in your IntelliBoard only check Disable Test Students and you will no longer see this account in your IntelliBoard reports and monitors, you will see only real users.

If you would like to add this user back, simply unclick Disable Test Student and test user will appear in IntelliBoard. 

For more details about how to view your courses using Student View click here.

6. Allow to Manually Stop Requests

Allow to Manually Stop Requests or Active Requests is a a function to display a list of requests to IntelliBoard in the order they are pressed. 

Enabling this box will enable function to manually stop processing requests. Click here to see more details.

7. Course Filter Size

Select the size of the course filter in your reports. Whether it's a standard size or extended (to see more characters in the course titles), it's up to you! We recommend Extended for most Canvas users.  

8. Course Filter Type

Select course filter type of the course filter in your reports. Hierarchy or complex filter - it's up to you! 

9. Course Filter Order

Want to see your course filter in Alphabetical order? We got you! This server setting allows course filter to display courses in Standard or Alphabetical order!

10. Course Filter Format

Select the format of the course filter in reports. The course filter is displayed in a hierarchical order, where SubAccounts/IB users or Terms are the first layer, at the opening of which you can see the courses. This filter allows you to select how you want course names to display. The first item (before "+") is a course name format, the second one (after "+") is a layer name (SubAccount/IB user or Term). For example, if you select Course Name (Course SIS ID) + Canvas Sub Account, your courses will be organized by SubAccounts/IB users. When a SubAccount/IB user is expanded, your course names with the SIS ID in parenthesis will be listed. 

11. LTI Visibility

Select which user roles have visibility and access to the IntelliBoard LTI icon on the global Canvas nav menu.

12. Canvas Data Processing Hour

The connections are updated every 18 hours, BUT if you have a need to change Processing Time you are ABLE TO CHANGE IT ! The ability for user to set time when connection should update itself is available and it also processes the connection by YOUR time zone.

Saving Settings

  • If this is your initial connection set up, click on Save button to save settings


  • If this is your connection update, click on Save and Process Canvas Data button to save and apply settings



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