Features Block - Part 5 - Category Links, Payment Codes, Wishlist, Reviews, Gift Cards, Additional Product Settings, Trial Access

Please find the overview of Category Link, Payment Code, Wishlist, Review, Gift Card, Additional Product, Trial Access settings in the Features block below.

NOTE: IntelliCart Settings can be found under IntelliCart > Settings tab, OR under Site Administration > Plugins > Local plugins > IntelliCart.


1. Enable direct categories links

Enable this box to add an ability to add the Category URL link to the categories list for quick navigation. Clicking on the category link will direct you to the selected category in the Products Catalog.


2. Enable product payment code

Enable this box to add Payment Code and Payment Description fields to the product editing page under the Product General Information. This data will be send to the Payment Gateway as an internal product identifying information instead of the product name. 

NOTE: This information won't be visible in the LMS system.

3. Enable WishList

Enable this box to add a WishList for your users.

4. Enable Checkout Notes

Enable this box to add the ability for your users to add specific notes for product purchasing. When users click on Proceed to checkout, they will have Add Notes button clicking which will show them a text box for adding notes. These notes will appear under Sales > All Sales report in Notes column for admins and managers.


5. Enable Reviews

Enable this box to add an ability to add product reviews for your users. Users will be able add reviews to products and comment these reviews. This setting will also add additional block of settings to product editing page, where admin can specify review settings for every specific product.

6. Reviews limit

Add the number of reviews per page that will be displayed on the product details.

7. Enable Gift Cards

Enable this box to add the ability to manipulate gift cards in your LMS system. This will add the Gift Cards tab to the IntelliCart and allow people to buy gift cards.

8. Enable Products Sorting

Enable this box to add the ability to move products up or down in the list. This will add 2 arrows (Move Up and Move Down) to product actions.

9. Enable instant enrollment for free products

Enable this box so when you set price of the product to zero, users will see Enroll button on the product instead off Add to cart.

10. Enable Trial Access

Enable this box so when users buy product via invoice, they will be momentarily enrolled into the product and courses in it until their invoice will be approved or rejected. This will also add Trial Expiration column to Sales > All Sales report.

NOTE: This feature works only for invoice payment.

11. Trial Access Period

Add the number of weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds (it's up to you!) for which the customer will use the trial access and will be enrolled into the product. I.e., you added 1 week to this setting, customer buys the product in June 12, so he will be momentarily enrolled into this product and may use this until June 19.

12. Trial Expiration Enrollment Actions

Select the option what IntelliCart will do with trial accessed customers if their invoices won't be reviewed (approved or rejected) during Trial Access Period.

Unenroll Users Customer will be unenrolled from product and courses in it until his/her invoice is approved
Suspend Users Customer's product and course(s) usage will be suspended until his/her invoice is approved
Keep Users Enrolled Customer will still have an access to product and courses in it

13. Enable Certifications

More soon!

14. Display records for suspended users

More soon!


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