Course Enrollment Filter (Canvas LMS)

The Course Enrollment Filter allows you, the IntelliBoard Admin (main subscriber), to determine which user status(es) will be visible in your reports and analytics.

Editing Course Enrollment Filter

Most importantly, these settings will be applied for you and all your IB People. To start set them up follow the steps below:


  • From navigation menu go to Settings + Options > Servers > [Your connection]
  • From the connection page, click Course Enrollment Filter
  • This page will show the Student Enrollment Status(es) filter where you can select the student statuses in courses, so only student with status(es) you selected here will be displayed in reporting for you (main subscriber) and your IB People


Invited Students (not existing users in Canvas LMS) who are invited to the course, but haven’t accepted it yet.
Active Students who have accessed and started the course.
Completed Students who have completed the course.
Inactive Students previously enrolled in a course, but who can no longer access course content.
Rejected Students who rejected the course invitation.
Deleted Students whose entire enrollment has been removed from a course.
Pending Students (existing users in Canvas LMS) who are invited to the course, but haven’t accepted it yet.


Saving Settings

  • If this is your initial connection set up, click on Save button to save settings


  • If this is your connection update, click on Save and Process Canvas Data button to save and apply settings



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