Branding: General Account Details (Moodle LMS)

Update general settings for you and your SubAccounts/IB users as needed!



From navigation menu click Settings + Options > General Account Details 




1. General Account Settings

Set up default settings for you as a Main Subscriber.

Week Format Settings: Choose the format of the week in your country to better display your data.

Default Date Filter Value (for all reports and monitors): Select the default (initial) time frame for reports and monitors.

Allow SubAccounts Upload Pictures: Choose whether your SubAccounts/IB users will be able to upload their profile pictures or not.

2. Proxy Settings

NOTE: This feature is required for clients who have installed Moodle only for the internal network. Contact is at, in the chat box, or schedule with us.

Enable Proxy if needed. Enter Host, Port, Type, User and Password.

3. Personalize Default Number of Rows

Select how many records per page will be displayed by default in your reports. You may change it for specific report in the bottom of the report, if needed.

4. SubAccount/IB user Defaults

Set up default settings for your SubAccounts/IB users that will be applied for their reporting.

Language: Select the language in which IntelliBoard will be displayed for your SubAccounts/IB users.

Time Zone: Choose the time zone your institution/company/etc. is located.

Time Format: Select the best date format for you.

Default number of results per page: Choose how many records will be automatically displayed in reports for your SubAccounts/IB users.

Default date: Select the default (initial) time frame for reports and monitors.

Date filter mode: Choose whether your SubAccounts/IB users will be able to change the time frame in reporting or not.

 All these settings (except Date filter mode) may be manually changed by the SubAccount/IB user. You set general default settings.

5. Save button

Click Save after finishing changes.


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