! NEW ! Quick Connection for Moodle with IntelliBoard.Net

Click HERE for watching all implementation process from downloading the plugin to connecting your Moodle system.

Before you get started...

IntelliBoard strongly recommends that the individual installing the IntelliBoard plugin and creating the Moodle Connection be the Site Administrator of the LMS System.  The LMS System user connecting IntelliBoard to Moodle must have the ability to enable web services, change web protocols, and create Moodle tokens.

IntelliBoard is a web-based service. If your LMS is behind a firewall, a port will need to be configured for IntelliBoard services to connect successfully. Contact us for necessary IP addresses.

Step 1: Connect & Upgrade

  • After you have your Plugin Installed but not yet connected, please go to your Site Administration 
  • Scroll down to IntelliBoard and click on Dashboard
  • Click on Connect & Upgrade



Step 2: Connect Now

After clicking on Connect & Upgrade it will redirect you to the prepopulated Moodle Connection Settings with 3 steps to finish

  • Step 1: Moodle Settings - here you will see prepopulated settings for you:
    • Enabled Web Services,
    • Protocols (select REST or SOAP)
    • Authorized users will be prepopulated to Site Administrator
    • IntelliBoard Settings: provide your subscription email address (if you already have it) or the email address for your future subscription
      • Time Tracking and SSO link is already prepopulated to be ON so you don't have to worry about searching for it by yourself 😊
    • After checking all Moodle Settings go ahead and click "Next"


  • Step 2: IntelliBoard Agreements 
    • Read through all IntelliBoard agreements. Accept them and click "Next"


  • Step 3: Account Creation
    • Type in your name
    • Email is already prepopulated from Step 1
    • Create your Password (make sure you can remember it 😉)
    • Select your Country 
    • Click "Sign Up"


Step 3: Access your IntelliBoard 

  • CONGRATULATIONS! You are almost there. Click "Next"
    • Your IntelliBoard is Connected to Moodle. By clicking "Next" it will redirect you to IntelliBoard Dashboard in your Moodle.
    • On top right corner of of Intelliboard Dashboard you will have SSO (Single Sign On) link. Click on it and you will be redirected to your IntelliBoard

NOTE: Right after connection and first time access to IntelliBoard via SSO you will be directed to your IntelliBoard Account Settings. There you can change your name, password, time zone, date format, etc. Click here for more details on Account Settings.



Enjoy Your Data! Right Here! Right Now! 


Why on the 3rd connection step I get Account Creating form even if I had a connection before plugin update? 

Before performing Step 3, the system checks emails from the Subscription email field on the Step 1. If the email address already exists, IntelliBoard will show the Login form in Step 3, not register form.


If you entered the correct email and still see the Account Creating form, go to Site Administration > Plugins > Local Plugins > IntelliBoard and disable Debug CURL requests under Advanced Settings section. Then try to connect again.



Still Getting Connection issues? Please click here for detailed information for possible solutions or see information about support team below.


For additional assistance, please email helpdesk@IntelliBoard.net


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