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Blackboard Collaborate is a virtual classroom solution to power your online teaching and web conferencing needs. Click here to read more.

Before you get started... 

  • IntelliBoard doesn't track Blackboard Collaborate meetings that were before making a successful connection.
  • The meeting will appear in reporting only in a few minutes after its ending.
  • Cron must be run at list every 12h in order to track all sessions. If session data has not been sent over within 24h, sessions won't appear in reporting.

Step 1: Enabling Monitoring of Blackboard Collaborate Meetings

  • From LMS system go to Site Administration > Plugins > Local plugins > Plugin
  • Scroll down to BlackBoard Collaborate meetings settings
  • Turn on Enable BlackBoard Collaborate meetings


Step 2: Getting BlackBoard Collaborate Settings

  • On the another tab go to Site Administration > Plugins > Plugins overview
  • Find the Collaborate plugin and click on Settings action for this


Step 3: Finishing Connection

  • Copy REST server URL, Key and Secret from the Collaborate settings and paste accordingly to BlackBoard Collaborate API endpoint, BlackBoard Collaborate consumer key and BlackBoard Collaborate secret from the BlackBoard Collaborate meetings
  • Click on Save changes button in the bottom of the IntelliBoard settings page
  • When it is saved check if you have Successfully connected green check mark at the bottom of BlackBoard Collaborate meetings settings
    NOTE: The checkmark is available with 2020051400 plugin version.


Step 4: Work With Your Reporting!

Create monitor sets with special Blackboard Collaborate monitors, track your meeting data in Blackboard Collaborate reports, and use activity type filter in reports to limit them to Collaborate activity.

NOTE: Reports with activity type filter listed below:


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