Connecting InAttendance to Moodle

Your data is waiting... connect to InAttendance today!

Before you get started... 

  • You MUST have a connected IntelliBoard account to your LMS system.
  • You have to be signed-in as a user with full admin rights during the connection process.
  • You should have InAttendance enabled for your account (contact with your Account Executive for that or email to


mceclip1.png From IntelliBoard account go to Attendance > Settings > Connections.
mceclip2.png Click on the Key icon under Actions. You should get the table with connection credentials.
mceclip3.png In the new tab, from your LMS system go to Site Administration > Plugins > Local plugins > IntelliBoard and scroll down to the Attendance settings.

Copy URL: ToolConsumer Key and Secret Key from the IntelliBoard Connection Key settings and paste accordingly to Tool URLConsumer key and Shared secret from the Attendance. You should use next rules for copying and pasting:

  • URL: Tool -> Tool URL
  • Consumer Key -> Consumer key
  • Secret Key -> Shared secret
mceclip6.png Go back to IntelliBoard account and navigate to Attendance > Settings > API Tokens.
mceclip7.png Click on Generate New API Token.

Copy API URL, API Key and API Secret Key from the IntelliBoard API Tokens settings and paste accordingly to Attendance API base path, Attendance API key and Attendance API secret from the Attendance. You should use next rules for copying and pasting:

  • API URL -> Attendance API base path
  • API Key -> Attendance API key
  • API Secret -> Attendance API secret
mceclip9.png And finally Enable attendance


For additional assistance, please email or click HERE

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