Vendors Block

Please find the overview of vendor and seats settings in the Vendors block below.

NOTE: IntelliCart Settings can be found under IntelliCart > Settings tab, OR under Site Administration > Plugins > Local plugins > IntelliCart.


1. Enable Vendors

Enable this box to add the ability to manipulate vendors in your LMS system. This will add the Vendors tab to the IntelliCart, Vendor Performance report to the Reports tab, ability to assign vendors to items, etc.

2. Enable filtering products by Vendors

Enable this box so that users from vendors will see only products assigned to their vendor in the Products Catalog.

3. Enable Vendors Filter with empty values

Enable this box so that users from vendors will see general products (that are not assigned to specific vendor, custom user profile field, etc.) in addition to products assigned to their vendor in the Products Catalog.

4. Enable Vendors Filter including Manager User

Enable this box so that Vendor Managers will see an IntelliCart activity of their users as well as their own. I.e., by default Vendor Managers only see activity of users from their Vendor, but enabling this setting will add records about manager's activity, too.

5. Vendors Types Options

Add custom vendor types that will replace default ones (Corp, K12, Highered), so that you'll be able to select the best vendor type during creating/editing.

6. Enable Seats Vendors

Enable this box to add Seats tab to the Sales and to the Learner Dashboard, so when users buy product seats, they will be displayed on this page. This setting also enable Max seats number per one user setting on the product editing page.

7. Enable Seats Expiration

Enable this box to hide the Key column from Sales > Seats tab, and add an ability to edit seats expiration date, so that when this date comes, user's seats and course enrollments become suspended, and they will need to by more seats to keep the enrollment.

8. Enable time on seats expiration

Enable this box to add an ability to set up the seats expiration time in addition to the seats expiration date. 

9. Enable Seats Enrollment

Enable this box to add the ability for admins and managers to manually enroll users to seats under Sales > Seats > [Details for seats purchasing].

NOTE: Vendor Managers could manually enroll only users from their vendor.

10. Clean Seat after Unenrollment

Enable this box so that purchased seat will become available for the another user enrollment. I.e., by default when the user unenrolls from the product seat, this seat is still marked as taken, because it was already assigned one time. But enabling this feature makes a seat as empty, so that another user could be enrolled to this one.

11. Enable managing Users

Enable this box to add an ability to manage user of your LMS system from the IntelliCart. Click HERE to read more.

12. Assign Simple Users as Managers

Enable this box to add the ability to assign any user from the LMS system as a Vendor Manager.

NOTE: User without any system role, who was assigned as a Vendor Manager, will be automatically assigned as a Manager system role.

13. Manager Roles

Select role(s) so that only users who have the role mentioned here at least in one course can be assigned as a manager for the vendor.

14. Enable user profile link

Enable this box so that user names will become links to their profile pages on the Manage Users page.

15. Mapping block


Settings list:

  • Enable users updates tracking
  • Vendor Role Mapping
  • Enable Importing Vendors
  • Vendor Name Mapping
  • Vendor ID Number Mapping
  • Vendor Type Mapping
  • Vendor Email Mapping
  • Vendor Company Mapping
  • Vendor URL Mapping
  • Vendor Address Mapping
  • Enable Vendors Type sync
  • Enable Manager User Field sync

If users in your LMS system are taken/updated from some outside database, these settings help an IntelliCart to synchronize them. Contact for additional support with configuring these settings.


For additional assistance, please email or click HERE


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