Gift Cards - Overview

IntelliCart Gift Cards allow you to create special certificates that provide discounts for product purchasing.

NOTE: The Gift Cards purchasing page is placed under specific URL address. You should add "/local/intellicart/giftcards.php" to your LMS system URL. E.g.,

Before you get started... 

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Step 1: Create an IntelliCart Gift Card

  • Choose IntelliCart and click on Gift Cards tab. 
  • In the top right corner of the tab, click on Create New.


Step 2: Write Your Category

1) Name

Name your gift card as you wish to make it more specific for your audience.

NOTE: This field is required.

2) Price ($)

Add the price to this gift card in dollars.

NOTE: This field is required.

3) Gift Card type

Choose the type for this gift card. I.e.,

  • when you select Currency, user will get a $X discount when he buys the product (put X to the Discount value field below). E.g., if you put 100 to the Discount value below, user, who get the gift card, will have $100 discount for product purchasing
  • when you select Products, user will be able to get X products for free (put X to the Discount value field below). E.g., if you put 5 to the Discount value below, user, who get the gift card, will be able to get 5 products without paying for them

NOTE: User, who get the gift card, can buy only assigned products to this gift card. Find assigning products description below.

4) Discount value

Add the amount of gift card discount (in dollars for Currency gift card type, or in products for Products gift card type)

NOTE: We advise you to mention the discount value in description, too, because this field won't be displayed for customers.

5) Start Time Enable start time to select the date when the gift card will be available for purchasing.
6) End Time Enable end time to select the date when the gift card will no longer be available for purchasing.
7) Can be used times per user Add the number of times how much this gift card can be applied by one user (so the person who was presented a gift card should apply gift card in one purchasing or it can be divided into several purchases).
8) Seats Add the number of times how much this gift card can be bought.
9) Status Choose whether the gift card is visible or hidden.
10) Image

Set the image for the gift card.

11) Description

Describe your gift card to specify it.

12) Save

Save your changes.


Step 3: Assigning Products

After gift card creation you have to assign products to this so it can be successfully used.

  • From the Gift Cards tab click on 3 blocks near the gift card name
  • Select Products from the drop-down (you can also select all products by clicking the check box under this drop-down)
  • Save settings (selected products will appear below in the table)

I.e., if you assign Spanish Ebook product to the gift card, users will be able to apply the gift card only to purchase this product.



When you are done creating, you'll see all gift cards in the next view.

1) Status filter Filter your gift cards by their status (active/inactive).
2) Search Search gift cards by their names.
3) Name

Gift Card Name as entered.

4) Price Gift Card Price as entered.
5) Discount The amount of gift card discount as entered.
6) Created The date when the gift card was created.
7) Edit Edit your gift card.
8) Delete Delete your gift card.
9) Status Choose whether the gift card is visible or hidden.
10) Assign Products

Assign Products to the selected gift card. Read more about Products HERE.

11) Assign Vendors

Assign Vendors to the selected gift card. Read more about Vendors HERE.

I.e., if you assign Acme Corp vendor to the gift card, only users from this vendor will be available to see and buy this gift card.

NOTE: If you assign 2 or more vendors, all users are at least in one of these vendors will see this gift card on the shopping dashboard.

12) Details

View additional details about gift card purchases (points 14-21 below).

13) Multiple Actions

Select several gift cards and do the same action for them.

14) Status filter

Filter gift card purchases by their status (active/inactive).

15) Search

Search gift card purchases by Customer names.

16) Customer

Full Name of person who bought a gift card.

17) Email

An email of person who was presented a gift card.

18) Code

Gift Card Purchase Code as assigned.

19) Status

Gift Card Purchase Status (active means that gift card has not yet been applied, inactive means that it has already been applied).

20) Created

The date when the gift card was bought.

21) Actions

Mail the gift card code to the person who was presented a gift card.



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