Vendors - Overview

IntelliCart Vendors combine selected users into one group. Products/discounts/etc. you assigned to the vendor, are visible only for that specific vendor.

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OPTION 1 - Create an IntelliCart Vendor

  • Choose IntelliCart and click on Vendors tab. 
  • In the top right corner of the tab, click on Create New.


Write Your Vendor!

1) Name

Name your vendor as you wish.

NOTE: This field is required.

2) ID Number

Add the vendor ID for better navigation.

NOTE: This field is required.

3) Type Select the vendor type (Corp/K12/Highered).
4) Email

Add the main email address for this vendor.

5) Company

Add the company name for this vendor.

6) URL

Add the URL address for this vendor.

7) Vendor Logo

Set the image for the vendor.

8) Address

Add the company address for this vendor.

9) Save

Save your changes.


OPTION 2 - Import Vendors

You can import vendors from the CSV file. Find instructions for doing this below.

  • Choose IntelliCart and click on Vendors tab. 
  • In the top right corner of the tab, click on Import.
  • Choose a file from your computer in the CSV format.
  • Click on Preview button.
  • When all files are uploaded, click on Import Vendors button.
  • Click on Continue.

NOTE: Required columns for the CSV file are below (first line is required column names, second line is an example).

name idnumber type
Vendor_1 20 corp 



Add the name for your vendor.

idnumber Add the vendor ID for better navigation.

Add the type of vendor. Whether it will be a corporate, K12 or institute vendor, it's up to your! There are 3 possible options for adding:

  • corp
  • k12
  • highered



When you are done creating, you'll see all vendors in the next view.

1) Status filter Filter your vendors by their status (active/inactive).
2) Search Search vendors by their names.
3) Manage Users Manage users in your LMS system.
4) ID Vendor's system ID that was assigned automatically.
5) Name Vendor's name as entered.
6) Type Vendor's type as entered.
7) Email Vendor's email as entered.
8) Company Vendor's company as entered.
9) URL Vendor's URL as entered.
10) Created The date when vendor was created.
11) Edit Edit your vendor.
12) Delete Delete your vendor.
13) Status Choose whether the vendor is visible or hidden.
14) Assign Managers

Assign (enroll) managers to the vendor.

NOTE: Managers will see only users from their vendor.

15) Assign Users

Assign (enroll) users to the vendor.

16) Assign Cohorts

Assign (enroll) cohorts to the vendor.

17) Multiple Actions

Select several vendors and do the same action for them.



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