Vendors - Overview

IntelliCart Vendors combine selected users into one group. Products/discounts/etc. you assigned to the vendor, are visible only for that specific vendor.

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OPTION 1 - Create an IntelliCart Vendor

  • Choose IntelliCart and click on Vendors tab. 
  • In the top right corner of the tab, click on Create New.


Create Your Vendor!

mceclip1.png1) Name - Name your vendor as you wish.

NOTE: This field is required.

2) ID Number - Add the vendor ID for better navigation. 

NOTE: This field is required.

3) Type - Select the vendor type (Corp/K12/Highered)

NOTE: These types could be customized under Vendors Types Options setting (see point 5 in Vendor Settings article).

4) Email - Add the main email address for this vendor.

5) Company - Add the company name for this vendor.

6) URL - Add the URL address for this vendor.

7) Vendor Logo - Set the image for the vendor.
NOTE: This will be shown on invoices instead of default logo.

8) Address - Add the company address for this vendor.

9) Save - Save your changes.

OPTION 2 - Import Vendors

You can import vendors from the CSV file. Find instructions for doing this below.


  • Choose IntelliCart and click on Vendors tab. 
  • In the top right corner of the tab, click on Import.
  • Choose a file from your computer in the CSV format.
  • Click on Preview button.
  • When all files are uploaded, click on Import Vendors button.
  • Click on Continue.

NOTE: Required columns for the CSV file are below (first line is required column names, second line is an example).

   name       idnumber       type   
   Vendor_1       20       corp   



  • name:  Add the name for your vendor.
  • idnumber: Add the vendor ID for better navigation.
  • type: Add the type of vendor. Whether it will be a corporate, K12 or institute vendor, it's up to your! There are 3 possible options:  corp, k12, highered


When you are done creating, you'll see all vendors in the next view.

mceclip5.png1) Status filter - Filter your vendors by their status (active/inactive).

2) Search - Search vendors by their names.

3) Manage Users - Manage users in your LMS system.

NOTE: This requires the Enable managing Users IntelliCart setting to be turned on.

4) ID - Vendor's system ID that was assigned automatically.

5) Name - Vendor's name as entered.

6) Type - Vendor's type as entered.

7) Email - Vendor's email as entered.

8) Company - Vendor's company as entered.

9) URL - Vendor's URL as entered.

10) Created - The date when vendor was created.

11) Edit - Edit your vendor.

12) Delete - Delete your vendor.

13) Status - Choose whether the vendor is visible or hidden.

14) Assign Manager -  Assign (enroll) managers to the vendor: 

Note: Managers will only see users from their vendors. Vendor managers can see all courses available in the system when assigning them to products (if enabled in the Vendors Block); IntelliCart keeps filtering products by vendor, so managers can still only see their vendors data.

15) Assign Users - Assign (enroll) users to the vendor.

16) Assign Cohorts - Assign (enroll) cohorts) to the vendor.

17) Multiple Actions - Select several vendors to do the same action for them.


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