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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers are transferred to this support document from the customers of IntelliBoard. Please check to see if your question is already answered in the following FAQs

Connection FAQs:

  • How does IntelliBoard query the data from Moodle? Does IntelliBoard have access to any data in the database or specific tables only?
    • IntelliBoard uses web services to access Moodle plugin (more information here https://docs.moodle.org/dev/External_services_security). In the plugin we have access to all the Moodle database tables. Our plugin also creates a series of tables for IntelliBoard's time tracking.
  • Is this configured through the plugin or Moodle API?
    • The configuration of Moodle web services provides access to the plugin.  The plugin runs queries directly to the Moodle database tables.
  • Are queries on the Moodle server or on the IntelliBoard servers?
    • Queries are processed by the Moodle server.
  • Can IntelliBoard query any data from the database? Do we have full access to all Moodle databases?
    • Yes, we can query/read all tables.
  • What tables does the IntelliBoard creates in the database?
    • local_intelliboard_tracking
    • local_intelliboard_logs
    • local_intelliboard_details
    • local_intelliboard_totals
    • local_intelliboard_assign
    • local_intelliboard_ntf
    • local_intelliboard_ntf_pms
    • local_intelliboard_ntf_hst
    • local_intelliboard_reports
    • local_intelliboard_bbb_meet
    • local_intelliboard_bbb_atten
    • local_intelliboard_dbconn
    • local_intelliboard_bb_trck_m
    • local_intelliboard_bb_partic
    • local_intelliboard_att_sync
    • local_intelliboard_trns_c
    • local_intelliboard_trns_m
  • Does IntelliBoard pull the data or is it pushed from Moodle?
    • When users login to IntelliBoard (https://intelliboard.net) to review reports/monitors/etc., IntelliBoard requests the data from Moodle database tables through Moodle Web Services/plugin and displays it in a temporary session.  
  • Are there any logs of extracted data from Moodle?
    • Yes, we log all requests sent from IntelliBoard to Moodle, but not the corresponding Moodle data. (IntelliBoard tracks the following: time, type, and status of requests. Users can see these requests under Settings + Options > Servers > Logs )
  • If we terminate the service, can we request to remove all the data associated with our tenant?
    • Yes, please contact Support@IntelliBoard.net
  • Is there a mechanism for removing data about any specific person from within the IntelliBoard account?
    • Different filters and permissions may be utilized to restrict access. Please review information about LMS Filters and IntelliBoard's Permit feature.   
  • What programming language Intelliboard is written on?
    • The IntelliBoard application is written with PHP, Java Script combined with SQL for database queries.
  • Where are IntelliBoard's servers? 
    • IntelliBoard has 5 current servers: USA, Canada, European, and Australia; Client data is stored on the respective servers. We are GDPR compliant and maintain a US Privacy Shield.


For additional assistance, please email helpdesk@IntelliBoard.net

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