Managing Users - Application

Managing Users allows you, as a vendor manager, create, view, edit and delete users from your Vendor. This adds a Users tab to the IntelliCart menu.

Before you get started... 

  • You have to be assigned to the vendor as a manager. Contact with admin of your LMS system to assign you.
  • Admin of your LMS system MUST enable managing users IntelliCart setting and the same role permission.


1) Status filter Filter your users by their status (active/inactive).
2) Vendor filter

Filter users by vendors they're in.

NOTE: This filter is available only for admins.

3) Search Search users by their names.
4) Import button

Import users from the CSV file. Find instructions for doing this below.

  • Choose a file from your computer in the CSV format.
  • Click on Preview button.
  • When all files are uploaded, click on Import Users button.
  • Click on Continue.

NOTE: This works like a standard Moodle users importing.

5) Create New button

Create users in the selected vendor. 

NOTE: This works like a standard Moodle users creation.

6) Name User's First and Last Names as entered.
7) Email User's email as entered.
8) ID Number User's ID number as entered.
9) Created The date when user was created.
10) Last Access The date the user last accessed the LMS system.
11) Status (column) The status of the learner in the LMS system (active/inactive).
12) Edit Edit your user.
13) Delete Delete your user.
14) Status (action) Choose whether the user is visible or hidden.
15) Log In As

Log in as a specific user to view the LMS system from user's side.



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