Vendor User Profile Field - Overview

Vendor User Profile Field is a custom profile field that could be created in the LMS system and then assigned to users on the profile editing page.

Before you get started... 

  • You have to install the file that is provided by Account Executive.
  • Warning: Do not create such type of field if you use Moodle Workplace (MWP) LMS system. Using this field in MWP could cause a problem with Tenant/Vendor synchronization.


Step 1: Create an Vendor User Profile Field

  • Go to Site Administration > Users > Accounts > User profile fields
  • Scroll to the bottom, open a drop-down and choose Vendor.


Step 2: Write Your User Profile Field

Common Settings 

  • Short name (must be unique)
  • Name
  • Description of the field
  • Is this field required?
  • Is this field locked?
  • Should the data be unique?
  • Display on signup page?
  • Who is this field visible to?
  • Category

Add the full and short names to your profile field and fill default settings if needed.

NOTE: These settings are standard for all user profile field types.

Specific settings

mceclip1.png1) Enable Approvals - Enable this box to add the ability to approve user's vendor. E.g., user selected Vendor A during profile creation. If this setting is enabled, user will get Pending status until he/she is approved by Vendor Manager or LMS admin.

2) Single Vendor Selection - Select the number of vendors user will be able assigned to - single or multiple.

3) Enable Auto Assigning - Enable this box so that user (when the vendor is assigned to him) will be auto-enrolled into all products assigned to the selected vendor. And vice versa, if user was enrolled in to the vendor and new product is assigned to the vendor, user will be automatically enrolled into this product. E.g., products A and B were assigned to vendor IntelliBoard, then the vendor IntelliBoard is assigned to user John. In this case user John will be auto-enrolled into products A and B. And if you assign product C to the vendor IntelliBoard after that, user John will be auto-enrolled into the product C, too.

4) Assign Role - Select the role user will get when he/she is assigned to the vendor using this field.

5) Vendor Identifier - Select the identifier that will be added to the user in the database.

  • Vendor ID is an auto-assigned ID number that vendor gets in the database.
  • Vendor ID Number is an entered ID number that was manually added to the Vendor on the editing page.

6) Save changesSave your changes.


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