Zoom Webinar Report

The Zoom Webinar Report displays data about meetings used as Webinars.



Location: Reports > User Reports 


  • Search for data in your report instantly. Confirm columns are included in the search under 'Personalize Report'. 
  • Filter your data and/or dates!  Most reports include several filters (to the right of the search box) and a time filter. 
  • Personalize the columns in your report. 
  • Export your data in an XLS, CSV, or PDF.
  • Share your data via email, scheduled report, or API key.  You can also bookmark your report.


  • Status:  A meeting will have one of three statuses as listed under the Status column: Past - this is a meeting that has already occurred, Active - this is a meeting that is currently taking place, Failed - this is a failed meeting or one in which there was only one participant, namely the host. (i.e. Selecting "Past" will only show meeting that have already occurred)


Meeting ID: Unique ID generated by Zoom

Host: First and last name(s) of meeting host

Email: Email address for the meeting host

Topic: Name of the meeting assigned by host or default name if none assigned 

Date: The date the meeting occurred 

Status: A meeting will have one of three statuses: Past, Active, or Failed 

Start Time: Time meeting started shown in hour, minute, second format

End Time: Time meeting ended shown in hour, minute, second format

Duration: How long the meeting ran shown in hour, minute, second format (00:00:00)

Total Users: Number of participants that attended the meeting

Unique Viewers: If a participant leaves the webinar and returns, they are only counted once

Video: Indicates the use of video 

Screen Sharing: Indicates the use of screen sharing 

Recording: Indicates if the meeting was recorded 


Find the blue chat box inside the report or at our website or, email helpdesk@IntelliBoard.net 

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