Zoom Participant Report

The Zoom Participant Report displays data about how and when participants (hosts and non-hosts) use Zoom.



Location: Reports > User Reports 


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  • User:  Allows user to search by the host's email address
  • Status:  A meeting will have one of three statuses as listed under the Status column: Past - this is a meeting that has already occurred, Active - this is a meeting that is currently taking place, Failed - this is a failed meeting or one in which there was only one participant, namely the host. (i.e. Selecting "Past" will only show meeting that have already occurred)
  • Room Type:  Utilizing this location filter, participants can be found in the Waiting Room, Meeting Room or both.  This filter allows the user to track exact participant location as the participant moves (or does not move) from Waiting Room to Meeting Room


Participant Unique ID generated by Zoom
Participant Name Participants name as it appears in participants Zoom application
Topic Name of the meeting assigned by host or default name if none assigned 
Host Name First and last name(s) of meeting host
Meeting ID  Unique ID generated by Zoom
Device Unique ID of participants device
IP Address Numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol (IP) for communication
Participant Join Time The date the meeting occurred, and the time of day the participant entered the meeting
Minutes Attended How long the meeting ran shown in hour, minute, second format (00:00:00)
Location Number of participants that attended the meeting


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