Active Requests (Canvas LMS)

Active Requests is a a function to display a list of requests to IntelliBoard in the order they are pressed.




Settings + Options > Servers > [Connection] > Advanced Settings

Step 1: Go to Settings + Options

Step 2: Click Servers

Step 3: Go to your Connection from Servers page

Step 4: Enable Allow to Manually Stop Requests

Step 5: Save the connection



Canvas Instance: When IntelliBoard loads a page, it displays "Loading data, please wait..."

Note: Please do not click additional links as this creates additional queries to your LMS system. IntelliBoard processes all queries in real time; as such, too many queries may be rejected by the LMS server.

Active Requests BUTTON: Displays a list of requests that have been made to IntelliBoard.

Request Name: The name of request, as it has in the source code.

Performance Time: The amount of time required to complete the request.

STOP BUTTON: Button, pressing of which will stop the execution of queries to the system

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