Features Block - Coupons settings

Please find the overview of Coupons settings in the Features block below.

NOTE: IntelliCart Settings can be found under IntelliCart > Settings tab, OR under Site Administration > Plugins > Local plugins > IntelliCart.


1. Enable Coupons

Enable this box to add the ability to manipulate coupons in your LMS system. This will add the Coupons tab to the IntelliCart, Coupons Used report to the Reports tab, information about coupons to the Dashboard, etc.

2. Display Coupons on Sales Report

Enable this box to add the Coupon Used column to the All Sales table (IntelliCart > Sales > All Sales). This column will display coupon names that were applied in purchases.


3. Max Number of Coupons per Order

Add the number of coupons user could apply for 1 order. The value must be greater than 0 for the setting to work. E.g., if you put 2 here, user could apply only 2 coupons in 1 order.


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