How to Create a Session?

Step 1: Create a Session.

  • Choose Attendance and click on Schedule.


  • In Month view of the Schedule, click on the date that you wish to create a session. 
  • Click on Create Session +.


Step 2: Write a Session. 

1. Session Date Date of the Session
If you wish to change the date, click on the current date and select the desired date.
2. Session Title  Name the session.
3. Session Description Input a description for the session.
4. Course Select the course that the session is for.
5. Associated Course Activity Select the relevant course activity for the session.
6. From...To... Input the time for the session.
7. Allow Students to Mark Attendance Check to allow students to mark their own attendance for the session. 
8. Repeat 


a. Do Not Repeat - One time session

b. Repeat by Date - Set the following to repeat the session weekly, monthly or yearly.

9. Ok Save the Session.



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