How to Mark Attendance for a Session


Before getting started,

- Check that the calendar is set to show the Session date you wish to edit/delete. 

- Narrow the search of the Session filtering by course.

Step 1:

FromIntelliBoard account, go to InAttendance + InContact > InAttendance Schedule.

Step 2:
on the date with the Session. A separate window should pop-up.


Step 3:
on the notepad icon of the Session you wish to mark attendance for. 

1. Search for User

Search for a specific student from the list.

2. Attendance Selection

Check appropriate attendance selection for the respective student. 

P - Present

A - Absent

L - Late

3. Automatic Attendance

Click on this for automatic attendance - Students will be mark present when they access the course during the session time frame.

4. Note

Click on the speech bubble icon to leave a note for the respective student.

5. Ok

Save the marked attendance list.

6. Cancel

No changes will be saved.


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