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Your time is too valuable to sift through all your data.  Find what you need by narrowing dates and filters. Information on Searching, using Filters, and the Date Field for great reports is just below.



Search by column by typing into the Search box to find data based upon a specific data set.  

To control which columns are searchable, click "Personalize Report." Under the Personalize Report options, enable/disable (enable = blue; disable = grey) columns under "Enable to Search Column on Report."

Example: To search for a participant's name, enable the search column in Personalize, then type the name in the Search Box.




Filters can be found to the right of the search box. These filters will adjust to the focus of the report, Filters may include: User, Status, or Room Type.




NoteThe date filter uses a specific data field to narrow by date.  This is report specific.  Some reports have multiple date filter options, however you still must select one specific data field prior to a search. 

To change the date field, please click on the date filter (e.g. "All Time). 
Simply click on a Preset Date option (do not miss additional options under "More Preset Dates" 5_Selecting_Preset_Date.png

Choose a Custom Date Filter


Once you click Custom, you'll see a date box.  Click your first date. Navigate to the end date. Click the end date. Your custom date will appear.




EDITING CUSTOM FIELDS: Use the arrows or months highlighted by the orange boxes to change the month.  Use the arrows highlighted by the yellow boxes to change the year.


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