Features Block - Sessions settings

Please find the overview of Sessions settings in the Features block below.

NOTE: IntelliCart Settings can be found under IntelliCart > Settings tab, OR under Site Administration > Plugins > Local plugins > IntelliCart.


1. Enable Sessions

Enable this box to add the ability to manipulate sessions in your LMS system. This will add the Sessions action for products to the IntelliCart and allow you to manipulate with them.

2. Enable session enrollment

Enable this box so that users will be enrolled into product's course(s) when product's sessions starts. I.e., you created a session for a product that will start at 3pm on March 17 and add a course A to this product. Then user buys a product at 11am on March 17, he won't be enrolled into the course A until 3pm.

3. Enable private tutoring

NOTE: You have to Enable product instructors IntelliCart feature setting and assign instructor(s) to the product, and you have to enable Display Teaching Products Tab and Display Calendar tab in Product Catalog block (Site Administration > Plugins > Blocks > Product Catalog).

Enable this box to allow product instructors edit product settings and create new sessions in this product. Click HERE for more.

4. Default seats number

Add the default number of seats that can be bought in sessions. This number can be changed for every session manually in the Seats setting.

5. Enable Sessions Attendance

Enable this box to add Sessions Attendance settings to the product editing page such as Enable Sessions Attendance and Max Attendance Sessions for product per User. These settings allow you to create sessions for specific courses and define the number of sessions learner will be able to attend. 

I.e., you have a product with course and 5 Q&A sessions assigned to this course. And you want that learner will be able to attend only 2 of these sessions at any time without additional payment. So you should create a product with putting "2" value to the Max Attendance Sessions for product per User field and assign the course to this one, as always. Then you are going to create all 5 sessions with assigning mentioned course to them, and adding an IntelliCart Sessions block to the course as well. So when the customer buys the product, he/she will be enrolled into the course as always, and this learner will have all 5 sessions in the list. Clicking Attend button for any session will enroll him/her to this and show a checkout information. Learner will be able to cancel a session enrollment at any time.

Click HERE to read more about Session Attendance and how to add an IntelliCart Sessions block to the course.

Click HERE to get known how to create sessions.

6. Assign courses to the session

Enable this box to add the ability to assign sessions to specific courses on the sessions editing page.

NOTE: If only one course was assigned to the product, sessions will automatically be assigned to that course and drop-down for course selection won't appear.

7. Disable sessions creation popup

Enable this box to deactivation of the Quick Session Creation option for instructors in their Private Tutoring. When it's enabled, instructor will be directed to the session creation page when clicks on the calendar day.

8. Restrict sessions creation in past time

Enable this box so that you and any of managers/instructors won't be able to create sessions on day and time that have passed.

9. Delete not active sessions after period

Add the number of weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds (it's up to you!) for which the past session will be deleted from the calendar if no-one payed for this. I.e., you created a session for October 13, set up 5 days here, and no-one buys this. So the session will be deleted from calendars for all instructors on October 18 as a past not-paid session.


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