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Product with Session Attendance allows you to select sessions within the course you want to attend. Sessions are connected to the course and they won't appear on the product details page until you buy that. They will also appear in the IntelliCart Sessions block inside the course after product purchasing



1) Available (sessions) tab - Click on this tab to review all future sessions.

2) My (sessions) tab - Click on this tab to review future sessions you subscribed to.

3) Past (sessions) tab - Click on this tab to review past sessions you subscribed to.

4) List of Sessions - The list of sessions divided by date they scheduled for (dashed vertical line with dates to the right of sessions).
NOTE: This list changes depending on the selected tab.

5) Title - Name of Session.

6) Time - Time when session was held.

7) Additional Information - Any additional feild(s) assigned to the session.

8) Description - Click on this link to read more about the session.

9) Instructors - Click on this link to review instructor(s) assigned to the session.

10) Attend button - Click on this button to subscribe for the selected session.
NOTE: After subscription additional link with Checkout Information will appear (works the same way as Description above).

NOTE: This button will be changed to Cancel, so you'll be able to unsubscribe from the selected session, if needed.



  • Why I can't attend more that [x] sessions? I click on Attend button, but it doesn't subscribe me to that.
    • There's a limit of sessions that could be visited was set up. Contact with your LMS admin or manager to get more information about limit.
  • I bought a product with 2 (or more) courses, but I can attend sessions only from one of these courses. Why does it happen?
    • You could attend sessions from the one course only, even if several courses were assigned to the purchased product. It's up to you to select which sessions to attend. Contact with your LMS admin or manager to get more information about limit.
  • Will the maximum number of sessions I could attend be extended after product subscription renewal?
    • Yes.


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