How to Create Communication for Multiple Users?

Step 1: Create a Communication for Multiple Users.

  • Click on + to selected.


Step 2: Write a Communication.


1. Session Date Date of the Communication
If you wish to change the date, click on the current date and select the desired date.
2. Select Course Select the course that you wish to input Communication for.
3. Student

Select all or select the students that the Communication is intended for.


4. Text Box Input your Communication message.
5. Emoji

List of Emoji icons that can be used for the message.

6. Select Communication Type

Label the Communication type:


- Email

- Web Call

- Phone

- In Person

- Welcome Call

- Monthly Call

- Text Message

- Other

7. Attempted

Check to indicate a failed Communication attempt. The Communication type label will appear in red. 


8. Ok Save the Communication.


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