Release Notes - All Platforms - 3 October 2020


Page Updated: 2 October 2020

Scheduled Release: 3 October 2020



  • A new course filter option in server settings allowing courses in course filter to display in default or alphabetical order! (All Platforms) 
  • Communication permissions allowing for Admin and Co-Teachers to view all communication logs!(Communication All Platforms) 
  • Canvas user sync now re-syncs permissions automatically during data processing! (Canvas) 
  • A new monitor called “HTTP Requests (Total Amount)” is now available! (Moodle) 

Additional Features & Updates: 

  • New data columns/filters added: 
    • Added “Never Attended” column to Attendance by Course and Student report (Attendance All Platforms) 
    • “Instructor” column and filters added to Activity Stats Summary report (Moodle) 
    • "Activity Creation Date" column has been added to reports Activity Status Details and Course Content Utilization (Moodle) 
    • Added "Course" filter to monitor Collaborate: Participation (Moodle) 
    • Added "Activity Completion" column to Course Access Report (Moodle) 
    • Added “Grade” column option to Attendance by Course and Student Report (Attendance All Platforms) 
    • Added “User SIS ID” column to Attendance by Course and Student Report (Attendance All Platforms) 
    • Course filters added to Big Blue Button monitors (Moodle) 
    • “Activity Name” column added to Quiz Activity Detail by Learner by Response and Quiz Activity Detail by Learner by Score (Moodle) 
    • “Operating System” column added to Zoom Participant Report (Zoom) 
  • The reports Activity Submission Progress (Census Report), Course Stats Advanced, and BB Collaborate are now available for sharing with IB Users/SubAccounts and Organizational Roles (All Platforms) 
  • When license is renewed, new settings option automatically continues user enrollment (IntelliCart) 
  • SIS ID now displayed next to each student name on the communication log page (Communication All Platforms) 
  • Added the ability to manually stop a large report when loading (Canvas) 
  • Pagination has been enabled to allow for users to navigate items by page number (Zoom) 

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