InContact Overview



1. Course Filter

Select the specific courses to appear in InContact, able to select up to 10 courses. Ability to favorite courses! HERE to learn more!

2. Communication Filter

Filter existing communication by types such as email, web call and phone .

3. Create Log for Multiple Students

Create a communication log for multiple students at once. HERE to learn more!

4. Upload Contact CSV

Import students' contact information such as email, phone number and parent's phone number by uploading a CSV file. HERE to learn more!

5. Inactive Student Filter

Toggle on to filter out inactive students in the list. 

6. Date Filter

Filter existing communication logs by setting the date range you wish to view. 

7. 3 Different Views

- Communication: Shows all date columns. 

- Hide Empty: Hides date columns that do not contain any communication logs. 

- Calendar: Display existing communication logs in calendar format.

8. Search Box

Use the search box to find a specific student in the list.

9. Student Contact Card

Show student's information which including SIS ID, enrolled course and contacts. Students are listed in alphabetical order. 

10. Create a log for Student

Create a communication log for the individual student. HERE to learn more!

11. Input Student's Contact Information

Enable you to input other contact information of the student such as parent's contacts or alternative email. HERE to learn more!

12. Pagination

Click Previous/Next to navigate the pages. Each InContact page displays up to 25 students. 


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