Features Block - Sales settings

Please find the overview of Sales settings in the Features block below.

NOTE: IntelliCart Settings can be found under IntelliCart > Settings tab, OR under Site Administration > Plugins > Local plugins > IntelliCart.


1. Default Sales Page

Select the tab which will be loaded first when you navigating to Sales page from the IntelliCart menu.


2. Enable Manual Invoices Approval

Enable this box to add an ability for admins to approve or reject invoices. If admin approves an invoice, user who bought a product via invoice will get an access to the product and course(s) in it. If admin rejects an invoice, user won't get an access to a product and will be able to try to buy it again.


3. Enable Shipping

Enable this box to add a Shipping setting to product editing page, so when the user purchases a product, he will be able to add his address information for delivering. This will also adds a Shipping tab on the Sales page, where you'll be able to review customer's shipping information.

4. Enable WishList

Enable this box to add a WishList for your users.

5. Enable Checkout Notes

Enable this box to add the ability for your users to add specific notes for product purchasing. When users click on Proceed to checkout, they will have Add Notes button clicking which will show them a text box for adding notes. These notes will appear under Sales > All Sales report in Notes column for admins and managers.


6. Enable Trial Access

Enable this box so when users buy product via invoice, they will be momentarily enrolled into the product and courses in it until their invoice will be approved or rejected. This will also add Trial Expiration column to Sales > All Sales report.

NOTE: This feature works only for invoice payment.

7. Trial Access Period

Add the number of weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds (it's up to you!) for which the customer will use the trial access and will be enrolled into the product. I.e., you added 1 week to this setting, customer buys the product in June 12, so he will be momentarily enrolled into this product and may use this until June 19.

NOTE: Trial Access should also be enabled on the product editing page for user's trial course access.

NOTE: This setting add an expiration date to the invoices. So if this set up to 1 week and user requested an invoice, he/she will be able to pay by that invoice during a week. If user doesn't pay at that time, an invoice will become expired and should be requested again.

8. Trial Expiration Enrollment Actions

Select the option what IntelliCart will do with trial accessed customers if their invoices won't be reviewed (approved or rejected) during Trial Access Period.

Unenroll Users: Customer will be unenrolled from product and courses in it until his/her invoice is approved

Suspend Users: Customer's product and course(s) usage will be suspended until his/her invoice is approved

Keep Users Enrolled: Customer will still have an access to product and courses in it

9. Display records for suspended users

Enable this box so that orders made by users who are suspended now will be shown in Sales reports (All Sales, Invoices, etc.).


10. Display Scheduled Enrollment List

Enable this box to add a Scheduled Enrollment tab to Sales page where you'll be able to review users who bought products with delayed course enrollment.


11. Enable Deleting Orders

Enable this box to add an ability to delete order from All Sales list.


12. Close paid Seats

Enable this box so that purchased seats (even if they have not been assigned to users yet) will be "closed" for other customers, they won't be able to buy them.

13. Enable Multi Currency

Enable this box to add an ability to assign currencies to payment types. This also adds an ability to change the currency on the Products Catalog.


I.e., you added US Dollars to the PayPal payment gateway and Euro to the Stripe. In this case, if the user wants to buy a product using US Dollars, he'll need to pay by PayPal, and if he selects Euro, he should pay by Stripe.

14. Display User Currency in Reports

Enable this box so that reports under Sales tab will show the currency customer used in purchasing. If this is not enabled, all sales will be shown in the default currency.


15. Display vendors on sales seats page

Enable this box to add Vendors column to the Seats tab on Sales page that will display all vendors customer is enrolled in.


For additional assistance, please email helpdesk@intelliboard.net

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